Heukelum – Drainage sluice, gateway to Heukelumsche Veld

Heukelum – Drainage sluice, gateway to Heukelumsche Veld

The Heukelumse Boezemsluis drainage sluice was crucial for both the drainage of the Heukelum village polder and the inundation of the polder. You get a nice idea of the desired inundation level at the current drainage dike. On its south side, the inundation water would rise up to dike height.

Hollandse Waterlinie, the Dutch Inundation Line
Initially, drainage was undertaken through five mills. At the end of the 19th century, these made way for a steam-driven pumping station which was used several times for inundation. In May 1940, for instance. The drainage dike and the constructed Tiendweg served as an inundation dam.

This fabulous rare Inundation Line ensemble also comprises the remnants of the steam-driven pumping station, the nearby river Linge and Lingedijk dike and a couple of group shelters, the position of which appears to be connected to the nearby drainage dike and Tiendweg.